S2S Reactor

The Beginning event is November 27-29, 2017



The S2S Reactor is the co-creation space, tools and processes for the next economy,
based on the design principles of living systems
building the city of 2050 that we all want to live in.

When you take part in it the reaction happens. Dealing with deeper innovations that make cities healthy and alive requires several things to change/evolve and many projects to be adaptively combined at the same time.
We invite everybody to participate in the S2S Reactor incubating the solutions that the world needs by making a platform place to prototype at city scale.


Sporta 2 Studios an inspiration place for the world

Sporta 2 Studios is located in downtown Riga the regional epicenter for cities such as Oslo, Berlin, Kiev, Moscow, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki, a melting pot for diverse world views and breakthrough projects.
The old factory has now become home of start-ups, arts and creative industries. 40 000 m2 of openminded place with a welcoming community and huge possibilities to prototype, test at city scale and achieve your vision.

Co-creation Projects

Examplifying the change we want to see

We see lots of bright and clever concepts made so far that would solve problems if done in mainstream.
To name few of those:

  • Local food production
  • Local energy (clean energy + water)
  • Local manufacturing
  • Light electric mobility
  • Energy and materials recycling
  • IT, Cleantech, technologies
  • Maker/consumer co-operatives
  • Land regeneration
  • Sustainable housing
  • Circular economy
  • Arts and creative industries
  • Marine life
  • Holochain currency & governance

The task is how to put it to work

The problem we solve in colaborative way: A city that attracts and works for everyone. In addition to yielding concrete solutions, our vision is seeing hundreds of projects working concurrently, resulting in an experience of a city that operates without polluting microplastics or petrol cars, with construction that exhibits a new city model that thinks, behaves and is that future city. This will be achieved through the city scale incubator/prototyping space with an intense co-creation process.