Release Your Group Creativity, Grow Your Brand
Enliven Organizations and Transform Cities.

Come to the S2S Reactor, the new Baltic base for transformation, to explore, discover and invest your talents in GameShifting conversations and collaborations for changes you want to see, from local to global scale!


For Organizations

Use our unique environment for designing large scale simulations and prototypes. Design systemic collaborations with other companies, organizations, city administration, investors, create cryptocurrencies, to develop new venture ecosystems to nurture your success. Your organization will become different, energized, aligned and your teams and people will develop to their true potential.

Would you like to build up team spirit, purpose and alignment throughout your organization and your value ecosystem?

Adopt the Reactor as Your offsite co-creation space. Bring partners, employees, customers, stakeholders to build not just sustainability but also thrivability into processes, products, services, and of course, your people!


Smart Economies, Smart Citizens

A city that attracts and works for everyone offers a better quality of life and a chance for the self-realization of its people. In addition to yielding concrete solutions, our vision is that hundreds of projects working concurrently, result in unprecedented synergies. A new city model that thinks, behaves and is that Future City can begin now.

Are you aiming to become a Learning City providing a quality of life that will set your City apart?

Adopt the Reactor as Your deep conversation space. Bring citizens, partners, employees, customers, stakeholders to build and learn through large scale prototypes and immersive simulations.


Why a Reactor?

We are all organized in silos, specializations, areas of responsibility, fields of expertise.
We all have very limited time to listen and understand each other.

Bringing Multiple Projects and Scales Together

These are Some of the Questions we Wrestle With


How do we learn better than by courses and lectures?

All of us remember better, absorb, expand and flourish through pursuing our interests by doing. We also learn as teams and groups.
Together we become more, grow our gifts, build trust, co-evolve.
Become an Agile Learning group!

How can we have more fluid organizations, include more contributors, augment the system value?

Ideas and purpose emerge very often from conversation, from spending time on topics we love and engaging with others that bring diverse skills. More fluid organization with transparency and ownership can combine efforts into thriving collective endeavors.
Connect Your Street, Neighborhood, Team, Customers, Co-creators.

How many times do you have the same discussions and plans?

Bring your challenges and ambitious projects into the S2S Reactor environment. Design 2-Hour to Multiple Day Events for Opening up the Real Conversations including everyone who mattters.
Energize Your Mornings!

How can we invest in venture ecosystems and put a value to adoption and implementation?

Individual projects are limited. Combined they can form powerful venture ecosystems. We want to finance them with Smart contracts and ethical cryptocurrencies to speed up sustainability with adoption at scale. The Reactor creates conditions for You to invest in the whole ecosystem or in specific rights.


Drop in to Discover New Possibilities.

We welcome you to contact us for more information about the S2S Environment,
our processes and custom events, and how they can serve your needs.

  • 2 Sporta Street, Riga, Latvia LV-1013
  • hello@s2sreactor.com
  • (371) 2243 6891

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