Reducing time and cost to reach system scale adoption of sustainable solutions



The S2S Reactor is the co-creation space, tools and processes for the next economy,
based on the design principles of living systems
building the city of 2050 that we all want to live in.

From Speculation to Stability

A home to facilitate the transition to an era of true sustainability. A place for old ideas, diverse peoples, and new ideas to be together. Non judgmental of deepest assumptions, emotions, desires, dreams and beliefs. Safe zone to advance into a new phase where humans and nature are no longer in competition.

Would you like to lead a GameShifting conversation?

Interested in (re)formulating your project?

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Co-creation at Many Scales

When you take part in it the reaction happens. We transform when we discover together the value systems and ideas that will bring Stability and Prosperity. Dealing with deeper innovations that make cities healthy and alive requires several things to change/evolve and many projects to be adaptively combined at the same time.

Our values change. Our understanding expands. We co-evolve with our environment. We begin to understand how Cities are truly living systems (not metaphorically) that sustain and nurture us. Meanings that we discover together permeate and enrich our day to day jobs.

Where We Are

The S2S Reactor is located in downtown Riga the regional epicenter for cities such as Oslo, Berlin, Kiev, Moscow, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki, a melting pot for diverse world views and breakthrough projects.

The old factory has now become home of start-ups, arts and creative industries. 40 000 m2 of open minded place with a welcoming community and huge possibilities to prototype, test at city scale and achieve your vision.

Invest in a Ecosystem of Ventures

Transformation does not occur in a linear fashion but advances through the progress of separate but co-evolving sectors. Proposals are too often individually constructed, independent of other proposals. We aim to nurture sustainable development paths for the Energy, Water, Waste, Mobility, Housing, Health, Manufacturing. Finance, and Food sectors that are reinforcing one another.

Are you interested in a new type of investment that is profitable and that can GameShift the conditions for Thriving Companies, Communities and Cities?

Imagine if many of the innovations that have been already tested became mainstream and were executed together at scale? For example combining some of the following areas:

  • Local food production
  • Local energy (clean energy + water)
  • Local manufacturing
  • Light electric mobility
  • Energy and materials recycling
  • IT, Cleantech, technologies
  • Maker/consumer co-operatives
  • Land regeneration
  • Sustainable housing
  • Circular economy
  • Arts and creative industries
  • Marine life
  • Holochain currency & governance
  • Cooperative enterprise structures and business models

What if you could simulate at scale, prototype and learn how emerging ideas and concepts can take root?

Turning ideas into Thriving Organizations, Cities and Communities.

We welcome you to contact us for more information
about the S2S Reactor environment and services.