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A city that attracts and works for everyone offers a better quality of life and a chance for the self-realization of its people. In addition to yielding concrete solutions, our vision is seeing hundreds of projects working concurrently, resulting in an experience of a city that co-evolves multiple ventures and operates without polluting micro-plastics or petrol cars, with construction that exhibits a new city model that thinks, behaves and is that future city.

There is no path to the future other than co-evolving starting now. The normal way of incremental changes that can follow a predictable and linear path cannot break free of the cultural scaffolds and inertia that guide decision processes. But what is possible, is to create a safe space to allow emergence to occur, governed by self-forming standards ensured by the participating agents themselves.

We invite you to explore with us how the S2S Reactor can work as:

  • a city-scale incubator for concurrent ventures and projects at various scales and levels, from regulations, to infrastructure, to company innovations, all the way to community engaging projects;
  • a prototyping space to recreate immersive conditions for a period of days or months, where all stakeholders, citizens, suppliers, clients, activists, artists, agriculturalists and others, can experience as-if the solutions were already a permanent part of the city;
  • run simulations with lots of diverse people taking and its intense co-creation processes to gain clarity and alignment for teams, stakeholders, project plans and investment strategies.

Prototyping Details

  • Clients: City administrations, developers, investors, communities
  • Location: Develop in Riga, transfer home
  • Model: City-scale Prototype; Systemic Simulator

Project Design

The process begins with an evaluation of the learning required in every case to bring diverse stakeholders to share a common vision. Typically this will lead to formulating a prototype of a prototype to create a safe learning space that can achieve this alignment and significantly energize and accelerate significant goals.

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