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Financing Systemic Change with Ethical Cryptocurrencies.

Investment and Ethical Cryptocurrencies

Venture Capital (VC) and Subsidies cannot frame holistic, emergent markets. Fractional Reserve Banking, Discounted Cash Flow and Modern Portfolio Theory, have framed almost all investment activity as an extractive and accumulation process that prevents resources locked in speculation, from flowing to the real economy, and towards sustainability investments.

The success of VC type investments rests on a balance between a co-evolving systems value and the private extraction opportunities. When we see that natural, human, intellectual and other capital are no longer offering a frontier of “cheap” resources to sustain a condition of thrivability, and we see climate change and degraded ecosystems, we know that a new path of investment is urgent and indispensable.

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Our plan is to formulate ecosystems of ventures at City and region scales that create thrivability opportunities, restore ecosystems and bring resilience. These interrelated ventures are arrived through thorough alignment and community agreements structured with regard for all forms of capital – cultural, natural, human, intellectual, financial, health. Combining ideas that consider diverse infrastructure components, new users, services, and ability to shift attitudes – all at once! can vastly save investment , costs and time while reducing risks.

  • We will initially issue Ethereum based smart contract S2S Coin that will be released based on identified and agreed community assets.
  • A second step will allow to exchange these ERC20 tokens for S2S-fuel based on ultra efficient and distributed Holochain based currencies.
  • Offer a choice to invest in the whole ventures' ecosystem or in specific right backed by community assets, profits of incubated ventures.

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