Meetup: Building Collaborative Architectures with Cryptocurrencies with Matt Schutte, Holochain Monday April 16th 17:30 - 19:30 at the S2S Reactor

We invite you Mon 16th to a Workshop, update and discussion with Matthew Schutte of Holochain – if you want in on the ICO and learn about the Currency Fest we are planning in Sept in Riga please join us!

Holochain is an alternative to blockchain that enables people to build and run fast, efficient, scalable, and fully peer-to-peer applications.  We are proud and happy Holo ICO has half way raised $3.5 m. The community is growing by leaps and bounds since our Hackathon last Nov introduced Holochain in the Baltics.


Complementary currencies have a 70 year track record of successfully enabling collaborative action, mutual credit, time banks and a host of other possibilities. They represent a way of tapping into and coordinating resources, capabilities, assets, know-how etc. that cannot be mobilized or connected in a pure market capitalism system.

Learn how with technologies like Holochain and collaborative mindsets and ways to practice collaboration you can use such complementary currencies and distributed applications for governance, distributed organizations, collaborative projects, etc.

You will get a chance to discover, discuss and release the potential of your ideas for a regenerative, inclusive and circular economy designs; design and implementation of city services collaborative projects, inclusive concepts; city food growing; clean energy; electro mobility; recycling; life long learning; and new economy ideas in general. We see enormous possibilities via decentralized processes and empowered communities.

Preparing now for a Currency Fest in Sep 2018. Bring and discuss which value flows you envision could be released and supported? Who would you like to invite and mobilize?

Who should attend?

  • Social and transformation entrepreneurs, to learn how to implement test and scale their ideas with distributed applications
  • City department leads, development agency leads to learn how to release  hidden assets and values in the urban environmen and bioregion
  • Agile learning and HR managers to discover potentials for creating value systems with employees, communities and customers
  • NGOs, Makers movements, Cooperative developers, Collaborative enterprise promoters, to learn how to augment your potentials
  • Everybody interested to develop regenerative, zero waste, sustainable value systems, organizational patterns, service designs, architectures
  • Communicators and artists interested in conceiving new narratives and possibilities of abundance and harmony
  • Impact investors and mission oriented Foundations

What we will do?

Discuss cases, applications, possibilities, answer questions, learn together, build working groups, prepare with the guidance of Matthew Schutte and Alex Blumentals.

Language: English

Listen To Matt's interview in Davos

Turning ideas into Thriving Organizations, Cities and Communities.

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